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  • Whether you’re selling a product or service, selling online is king.
    Our beautiful designs ensure that your products and services will be properly showcased,
    giving users the best possible shopping experience.
  • From web design and graphic design, to custom logos and
    copywriting, our creatives are ready to help.
  • Big or small business? Event registration or e-commerce?
    Custom site or template? New site or redesign?
    Our pool of talented developers have got you covered.
  • Your brand shouldn’t be hidden. We’ll help you
    establish an online presence and keep you at the top.
  • Who says you have to break the bank to fulfil your development needs?
    You can outsource your development to our experienced,
    motivated Phreetechies.

Dedicated professionals at your fingertips

Choosing PhreeTech means cost savings, commitment, professionalism and excellent creativity.
Affordable Pricing

Working with PhreeTech means major cost savings. Now you don't have to break the bank to get the project done.


Professionalism is our watchword. We always get the job done, on time and to your satisfaction.


Our team of U.S. based and international web developers are fully committed to the success of your project.

Creative Experts

Every project is overseen and managed by advanced level web development experts.



Creativity at its peak

Why search for more when you've got Phreetech

From concept to design layout, graphics to copywriting, our creatives are ready take you through all the steps to achieve your goal.


Creativity across all platforms. We create some awesome stuff. You'll fall in love... we promise :-)

We create responsive web designs built to function across all frame sizes - laptops, tablets and mobile phones. Or maybe you just need an awesome app for Android or iOS. You won't need to worry, because we've got it all covered.


The world has gone global... don't be left behind

What's the point in having a beautiful website if nobody gets to see it? We'll get your target audience to you. Easily.


Because we love to go the whole 9 yards, we'll take care of your management needs as well.

Just so you can have it all in one place, we'll take care of your domain name purchase, web and email hosting, content updates, security and many more.


We create ecommerce sites that provide online shoppers with an overall easy and smooth shopping experience.

Our security measures which ensure the privacy and safety of customer information is next to none. Why settle for less? Let’s get to work!

Hi-tech Tools

We use the latest in web technology to bring cutting-edge experience to you and your clients. HTML5, CSS3, Javascript with JQuery and Angular, PHP with Phalcon and CodeIgniter, are some of the great tools we leverage to create some awesome stuff.


We'll ensure your content responds to the device on which it is being viewed. In a world of mobile devices with different screen sizes your content needs to be flexible to be relevant.


Because we've been down this road countless times, we see what you can't see. We'll take the pains to ensure we have a strategy in place to provide what's best for you. What's more? We won't stop until we've given you just that - the very best.

Clean coded

Our team of experienced developers write beautiful, clean code that are adequately commented. So we got you covered on that front.


Too busy to create the content needed for your site? Or perhaps you just don't know how to organise it. Not to worry, we'll take care of it.

Modern design

Stay ahead of the game with a web platform that screams you belong to the future. We utilise the latest web technology that ensures you're always a step ahead.

Efficient Support

We don't just talk the talk, we do the do. From conceptualization to deployment and beyond, we'll do whatever it takes to keep you going.

custom API

Our team spent countless hours developing our custom event API. Our event partners love us. You should too.

Custom CMS

Our Phreetech Custom CMS affords you maximum flexibility beyond what open source alternatives can provide. Updating your site content just got easier. No restrictions, no plugins.

Diverse Portfolio

Whatever your line of business, we'll take care of you.

Affordable doesn't have to mean compromise on quality.Event websites, Health Management Schemes, Construction, Legal Websites, and many more we got you covered.


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Let's create some awesome stuff together.