Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What would it cost to build my product?

A: The cost of your project depends on a number of factors ranging from the type and function of the site to the content. Please contact us for an estimate.

Q: How long would it take to build my product?

A: Our turnaround time is dependent on various factors including the size and nature of your project.

Q: Where is PhreeTech located?

A: Our team has worked together for several years from our locations in both the United States and Nigeria.

Q: Will your offshore team work during regular business hours in my time zone?

A: Our offshore team’s regular working hours coincide with Eastern Standard Time and we can be flexible on request for other time zones.

Q: How do you guarantee the quality of the products you build?

A: We work in iterations and regularly test all features, taking into account all of your requests, preferences and goals.

Q: Why is the popularity of offshore software development growing so fast?

A: There is a shortage of domestic tech professionals in the USA and Western European countries. Most companies and startups are choosing to work with offshore teams because of the access to a larger talent pool and cost savings.

Q: Does your offshore team have experience working with companies in the U.S.?

A: Yes we do! We’ve worked with several U.S. based companies and clients.

Q: What services do you provide?

A: Everything! From architecture, design and management to product build and QA. Need a team to handle all of your needs for your new product? We’ll take care of the whole project and deliver a final product to you. Already have an existing product? We can help create new features and provide general maintenance. Or perhaps you already have your own team but need additional hands? That’s absolutely fine. Take advantage of our Staff Augmentation and Extended Team services.

Q: Do you practice code review?

A: Peer code review is a standard part of our development process. Any code developed by any of our developers is always verified by another developer, and only after verification is the software released for testing.

Q: What control do clients have over their project?

A: As a client, you’ll have the ability to keep a close eye on your project. You’ll be assigned a Project Manager who will be your major point-of-contact with the team and will ensure that your product is being built in accordance with your guidelines and requirements.

Q: I’d like to hire some PhreeTechies for my project. What are my options?

A: We pride ourselves on being flexible to meet the needs of our clients and so you’ll have various options to choose from.

Option 1: Talk to us about your product requirements and we’ll provide you with a fixed estimate.
Option 2: Have some team members work on your project for an hourly rate.
Option 3: Hire an extended team for a fixed monthly fee.

Q: How do clients stay informed about the progress of their project?

A: All our projects are planned, managed and tracked through a project management software and you’ll be able to track the progress through your account. Your Product Manager is also welcome to join us on Slack for real time chats and updates from the team.

Q: How do we ensure business continuity during the COVID -19 Pandemic?

A: All members of our team have fully adjusted to working remotely and we’ve put in place effective tools and mechanisms that enable us to work remotely, efficiently.

Q: I have an idea for a product that I would like to have built. What should I do?

A: Please contact us to schedule a free consultation with our CEO/CTO.