by Phreetech in Tech May 22, 2024

Right when the team had Friday plans 😅

How do you react to a bug?

by Phreetech in Tech May 22, 2024

Would you react similarly to any of these? 


by Phreetech in Tech May 22, 2024

Most web creators are usually tempted to do so much, all at once, to make their web designs unique for their clients.

But as much as possible, they must resist that temptation because doing too much can make you look too eager.

The easiest and most beautiful way to win your clients over is by being simple in all aspects of your design.

It makes you look...

The Process of Design Thinking

by Phreetech in Tech May 22, 2024

The Design Thinking approach is a solution based methodology used to solve problems of any situation at all. The design thinking process can be applied to basically any problem in any sphere, and is proven to be completely ideal to all situations. It is used in solving complex problems, helping one to understand the scale of the problem int...

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